FAQ (H1)

How does the Myini subscription work?

Myini offers an annual subscription. The subscription includes the hardware device and software service.

Is shipping free?

Shipping costs are included in the cost of the subscription.

How easy Myini is to set up?

You do not have to be a software engineer to use the product, it is very intuitive. When you receive the device it will just ask you to enter your account information that will be provided in the administrative dashboard after you signup for your account. Once you signed up, the process will take you through an easy to fill wizard that will take all your information and content and guide you through the setup procedure.

Can I add my local recommendations?

Sure thing! Guests always want to hear recommendations from the host. Instead of putting them all into a dated guest book, now you can put your personal recommendations on the device, that will also be available in the web version that you can send to your guests before they even arrive to your property.

Will my subscription be auto-renewed?

All subscription will be renewed at the end of their term and your credit card on file will be charged, you do not need to worry about a thing.

What happens if the device stops working?

We will send you a replacement device within 2 weeks of receiving the bad device. However, if it is obvious the device was willfully damaged, we may charge you for a replacement costs.

What I need to cancel my subscription?

Email us at hello@myinis.com 14 days prior the end of the subscription period. Unfortunately we are unable to refund any subscription payments once they have renewed. You are required to return the device (at your own cost) at the end of the subscription period to avoid charges. If you cancel before your subscription expires, no partial refunds will be made.

For countries that require refunds within the first 14 days of purchase.

If you live in a country that requires a refund on early subscription termination, you may be eligible for a refund. If you live in the EU, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days of the original purchase (the cooling off period), we will refund the full amount on return of unused device(s).

How do I return my device once my subscription ends?

Your return authorization number and return address will be provided to you in the mail.

How does Amazon Alexa smart house integration work?

Alexa on Myini devices work in the similar manner as it works on the other 3rd party devices or speakers. You can set up your smart thermostats, locks , smart switches etc with Alexa and then request a certain action with voice. Your guests can ask Alexa a lot of questions so you don’t have to answer them. On the admin UI you will enter your Amazon username and password and your devices will authenticate with that account and no further action is needed. We recommend that you use a dedicated account for your properties and not your personal one.

How does noise monitoring work?

Myini device analyses noise level and compares it to your property baseline. When that noise level exceeds the normal levels at your property the manager will get an alert via email or SMS. Myini respects your guests privacy and does not record any conversations, but rather just a level of loudness at a time. Depending how far Myini is from the noise source Myini may or may not be able to detect the abnormality. We recommend hosts place Myini devices in the most likely place of gatherings like a living room.

Are all my guests phone calls from the device free?

All guest calls and SMS alert messages in the US and Canada are free on premium plans and unlimited. They are also free internationally, however, we reserve the right to limit the number of minutes available to our international customers and depending on the usage patterns and costs we might offer our international customer an extended call/text plan. To extend the number of minutes available to your guests in a lot of countries host can try providing landlines instead of mobiles and using email notifications instead of SMS.

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